Platform : Theatres

DIrector : Elaine BoganEnnio Torresan

Cast : Isabela MercedJake GyllenhaalMarsai Martin , etc.

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Children, animated

Release date : May-27-2021

Incase you are a fan of any case for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron then we advice don’t go near this. Except copying the look of horse from original movie, you see or feel nothing here. Let’s dive into the deep side. If we get a chance we wanna ask DreamWorks Animation , why in the world, they did this?.


Showcasing lot of emotional sequences, this is definitely a drama which includes fathers and daughters emotions, friends life. Coming towards adventure the whole journey of girls to rescue horses from hunters is a convincing name for genre. Playing with cute emotions generally these are movies which always comes for children, and this movie is even lesser value for showing our kids. No need explain why it’s in animated genre.


With Elaine Bogan serving as director and Ennio Torresan serving as co-director from a script by series developer Aury Wallington and produced by Karen Foster. DreamWorks Animation created this as spinoff for first feature of the series Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron from 2002 and used the elements of TV series “Spirit riding free” as story. Production of the whole film happened during pandemic and Jellyfish Pictures did all animation by using force from ‘work from home’ basis.


Lucky Prescott along with her aunt visits her father’s town and comes to know that her father Jim Prescott left her at aunt ,as he is suffering from loss of wife Milagro ,who was a great horse-riding stunt performer back in the day 20 years ago. People in the town recognizes Lucky in her mother’s memories ,while she becomes friends with Pru and Abigail. “Spirit”, wild horse, being named by Lucky for its nature, suddenly end up in horse riding area where hunters tries to control but fails. Lucky releases horse after having some fun with it. Meanwhile ,not forgetting the wild horse , Lucky leaves to meet her new friend in forest while Jim is worried about her child’s rude nature. Wandering alone in the forest with bag of apples along side, Lucky finds spirit and his wild family and feeds all of them with apples and end up being in love by them towards her. While everything goes good, horse hunters return and take some of the wild horses in a train . Being saddened by the moment Lucky returns to town and meets her friends Pru and Abigail and convinces them to help her finding spirit’s family. All three had to go on their adventure and reaches the water point ,but fails to rescue the horses from train ,instead spirit also gets captured by hunters and train leaves towards port. Could not able stop at moment Lucky and her mates chases train and reaches port. Jim get to know about her daughter’s adventure and takes his fastest train and goes towards port along with his sister Cora and friend Al. Though all horses getting boarded to ship, lucky manages to rescue Spirit before hunters boarding it on ship and manages to board again to release all other horses by fighting with hunter gang aboard ship and all horses along with spirit saves themselves by jumping into river. Just reaches to spot Jim, Al and Cora appreciates the kid’s work and let them to com back on their horses safely. End of movie.

We could imagine what you are going through after reading the story, we felt same while watching it. it’s just an average story that feels nowhere new to us. Especially when going through franchise never ever disappoint the source, if you can’t give more pride to it in the first place. Not just story is very nominal, it won’t give the impressive vibes animations generally gives us. After watching other DreamWorks movies like How to Train Your Dragon franchise, Madagascar franchise,  Kung Fu Panda franchises, you would feel betrayed too. This movie is nowhere near to any of the previous dreamwork movies.

Right and wrongs:

There are no rights except , few seconds of landscapes here and there will impress you . Everything else is really a dead planet. Animation is soul less and very fake compared with any other DreamWorks products, utterly disappointing, no values in story for giving something to kids, literally none. Nowhere near to the first part of feature, yes we know the whole idea is different to make this part but when you want to make a second part make it in the same universe, don’t take the horse to mars. the struggle of horse for its freedom though out the movie, love towards its other half and tribe, taking any extent of risk to achieve what it wants, flow of the animation and characterization, the relation between eagle and horse, none of them are here when compared with all these elements from “Stallion of Cimarron”. As this is animated movie, be it you worked in home or office, but people in 2021 excepts something of different level , that too when you are making a franchise. Dear DreamWorks guys, did you forget how good you have done with Shrek, kung-fu panda, How to train you dragon, Madagascar, where is at least quarter of that hard work here. uff. Everything wrong.


Jake Gyllenhaal , we appreciate him for taking this movie for lending his voice, but seriously for this kind of story any non-famous person is enough, and that too Isabela Merced did terrible job. Julianne Moore is too much for the required length on screen. Anyway, you should have spent all that money on animation rather wasting on voice cast. VFX ,we mean animation is terrible too, we can’t digest the fact that this is a DreamWorks movie. We also aware of third party companies working on animation, but it’s problem of parent animation company. Costumes, Cinematography, lighting and all went in drain as look is so nominal to talk about. Directors actually debuted with this movie and that hard work merely looks like an intern short film.


As always our graph goes like this

After lot of disappointment we can’t give more than 4.5/10 for this movie. sorry guys. If you are a fan of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron which came almost 2 decades ago, then we suggest don’t go nowhere near this movie. in precise, not even watchable.