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Sweet Home (2021) series review


Platform : Netflix

DIrector : Lee Eung-bok, Jang Young-woo, Park So-hyun

Cast :  Song KangLee Jin-WookLee Si-young, etc,.

Genre: Zombie horror, Fantasy, Drama.

Release date : Dec-18-2020

We thought of not doing the review previously but then, being impressed with newer way of zombie genre made us do it for you. Series is different attempt in Zombie movies and you will definitely feel cool with the idea and goes okay through out the last episode as you won’t feel much bored. Except sometimes you feel many things are silly and senseless.


Zombie horror is best suited ,as of course as name suggests its full of zombies and weird creatures coming out of everywhere. There is lot of drama between all the characters and that includes few flashback sequences too, emotional parts are good too, except some random events happening in-between. Albeit some action sequences also there as few scenes happening in between rogue gang and people which include gun fights, killing and fighting.


Primarily a 2d manga style comic produced in south Korea as 140 episode series with same name and entertained people for almost 2 years of time. After receiving pretty good reviews Netflix involved in production for live action episodic and they made all 140 episodes into 10 episode series and released in Netflix in Dec,2020. Yes we are late to review this


Cha Hyun-Su is returns to an apartment named Green home where multiple sorts of people are living. Being depressed by his family’s sudden death ,having nobody to take care around for him, he ends up in green home and soon realizes whole Seoul is turned into a zombie arena. Not just he has to fight his inner demons and depression, now he has to tackle the challenges from monsters and noisy people around. He will slowly move on with depression and befriends with most of the people and fights back on monsters occupying apartment spaces. He has to help 2 kids who just lost their father by a monster attack while climbing out of window and Cha will help them by Han Du-Sik ,a weapon specialist in past, who is also handicapped and moved only wheel chair. Along with a firefighter women, a girl guitarist who has just broke up with boyfriend , a care giver, a Korean teacher, a evil looking guy with marks on face, a failed ballerina dancer, a women with her pet, etc., many people are there who team up to protect and save people inside apartment. While a greedy shopkeeper, a child molesting young guy, a mother who lost her child, a nut job young man are few of the people who always disturbs the good vibes among. While everybody thinking they are able to attack and kill monsters ,few of the people suddenly starting to turn into monsters also, but not all dangerous one’s, so people can keep them in locked rooms. Cha is one of such monster, along with a shopkeeper and old lady who later turns into monsters but not a dangerous sort. So while all this is happening , firefighter lady who cancels her wedding as her fiancé disappears 2 days before wedding, starts to understand that he already know something about this whole monster phenomena and goes out to explore and visits his office and getting caught by military of Korea and released mysteriously by them and return to apartments by ramming on to bulky monster with fire bus by saving an old man. there are few scenes where people turning into monsters, cheeky behavior by ballerina, evil looking guy punishing a child molester, old lady fighting with shop keeper, children being rescued by handicapped weapon specialist are few to mention in-between episodes. Almost by the end of season, there will be a rogue gang who rams into apartment and starts to kill people for fun and tortures the remaining people. While some rogue people being killed by firefighter and evil looking man, few of them captures Cha and tries to kill him on the roof top. One of the rogue member who appears to be good, kills his boss and saves Cha and befriends him. Meanwhile firefighting women captures a briefcase from rogue gang which they are trying to unlock and gives it to military later. last surviving rogue member slowly tries to convinces cha to leave those people by slowly revealing he is also monster like Cha and tell Cha that people can’t be trusted much . But Cha shifts between moods and almost tries to kills evil looking man but being stopped by handicapped guy, Cha kills handicapped guy and last rogue member revealing his true monster. Later turning normal, realizes he lost his memory a bit and advices people to leave the building and save themselves, while Lee Eun-hyuk, the one who leads people in apartment all the time during monster attack, wants to stay back and killed by falling building debris. people who goes through back door and meets military people and boards the vehicles for moving towards safer place. Cha come out of the building and gets locked up by military and evil looking man rescues him from military being turned into monster. Series ends there.

Rights and wrongs

This newer way of zombie representation and the way they used for convincing drama using monsters is really good and even non-horror fans could enjoy too. Emotional drama is good ,except there are few Korean moments which are not really suitable for western audience. No comment on that. Screenplay is fine and direction is good, good variation between types of characters and their part of the story, good elements. story wise also it went good most of the time. Coming towards wrongs, we really felt all the monsters are so synthetic and we never felt them very organic at all, never. Script, there are few problems with why types of monster behavior is different from one to one and nobody know how one turn into monster, be it breathing or blood contamination or interaction with monster, no clue. Some characters seems suddenly odd once and suddenly different altogether like women with pet, handicapped person responding to big womb, we are talking about sudden changes in behaviors, not like changing gradually to events. we surprised to see big womb hanging in 1408 room and nobody even thinks about destroying it ,other side struggling with giant monsters, we never understood that logic, is it because it’s womb, but guys, it’s a monster womb right?.. ok leave that there. Also whole set looked more like a closed box rooms than real authentic place, we can clearly can understand its shot in an interior studio set. Especially scenes where orange light is dominating you can clearly see the artificial lighting feel rather than real lights. they are some of the things which we felt right and wrong on.


Directors did a good part and writers made fine attempt on drama part and action. Actors are pretty convincing all the way. Cinematography could have been better by avoiding set lights and interior set feel. costumes are reasonable. VFX is failure to much of the extent, but few characters like jelly monster which saves kid, security guard monster looked cool but all the giant monsters, multipede spider like monster, gremlin like monster look like clay or rigid plastic rather than organic. When Cha turns into monster and his hand forms sharp pointy parts, it looked well in scene. production design should have been much better with surroundings of building and interiors of building are quite good from art. Almost good.


Usual graph system for episodic productions seemed, silly so we are not giving the graph but going directly for conclusion here.

We suggest this as an average series with good zombie theme and nice acting. we can give not more than 6.0/10 as for its failure basing on other departments.

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