Platform : Netflix

DIrector : Paul Weitz

Cast :  Melody Hurd, Kevin Hart, Lil Rel Howery, etc,.

Genre: Family Drama, Comedy

Release date : June-18-2021

After watching so many movies of Kevin Hart , this decade , for both him and you this would be a different feel we remind. But saying again you will be in bit of comedy clutches of Kevin hart , and sometimes you will feel “dude, this is going good ad sometimes worst too”… all mixed feelings, okay, lets start.


Falls mostly under Family drama than comedy, this flick gives us some emotional times and few wet eye moments, so family drama genre suits well. About the Comedy you can’t completely escape from few of the Kevin Hart moments too.


Directed by Paul Weitz, we only recognize him for giving us his debut with the most famous American Pie (1999) and we can’t thank him enough for giving us this movie but you might find him doing some silly mistakes too. We Don’t really know what pulled him to cast a Black person for white person autobiography. This is like previously Dr.stange casting people did. But that’s big drawback for this venture we say. Omitting that point, he also did some nonsense mistakes along the play.

Film presented by SONY, Netflix together and produced by BRON studios along with Sony ,TriStar.


Matt, a playful and hard working human, working for Howard since long time as most trusted person, suddenly loses his wife while giving birth to a beautiful girl child Maddy. Realizing his life goals and summing up future life, Matte accepts himself to raise the child on his own by staying in the city where loves mostly and had memories with wife Liz. Being lectured by his aunt’s and friends, he could not agree more with anybody and continues to raise the child as promising himself how much freedom he could give her. Though not like his old joyful life, raising girl child makes him so stressed over and over but manages to overcome all hurdles. Meanwhile his cheeky and funny friends Jordon and Oscar trying to convince him to thinking about dating, marriage and all, but Matt never agrees until he meets Liz, who knows about Matt being single father and relation started to grow well between. Matt introduces Liz to Maddy and they both too understand and love each other. One fine day Marion asks Matt to spend sometime with child for giving her some grandparents experience at Matts parent’s place and Maddy falls in love with grandma’s place and tries to convince her father to stay back , but with responsibilities and personal attachment with his working city won’t let him do that, but he convinces Maddy to come back. Again they come back to city , Matt asks Liz to join them for some fun time and three of them falls in love with other again and movie ends.

Just a very simple story but beautiful story we say. Nothing sort of deep crying emotions ,etc.

What’s right and wrong?

Story of the movie is very neat, short, clean and beautiful. Actors played their part well and you will forget (at least for most of the time) the stereotypes, especially with Kevin hart being famous for his comedy. You will love the emotional sequences between father and daughter. The way meeting new Liz setup by friends and casually taking date easy. Okay, coming to wards wrongs, oh god there are many too, first off all selecting black person as we mentioned previously, is blunder. some forceful comedy scenes like feeding the child while conducting professional meeting, being fooled by child when attending virtual meeting, name a few. those friend characters seems funny though but sometimes its painful for us to bare them. Some good boss sequences look like fake push in. Do you really accept your employee to lose half of his shirt and feed baby in a meeting with clients? instead we would let him go out for taking care of baby in office waiting room. Climax could have been better in a cinematic way. Okay lets cut it for now.


You find no new faces much in front side here. Almost many of them are well named big black American names in industry ,but we still can’t forget the idea of black over white though (review written by brown guy and black guy here). Actors wise we can’t say much about any bad thing here other than that race issue. Maddy portrayed by this cute kid Melody Hurd really touched us though, too deep. You will enjoy her beautiful expressions and subtle and needed amount of loves doses. Those nuances of joy, repellence and anger gives you some wet eye moments. Cinematography is okay as of Hollywood comedy norms we say, as nothing is new or old, just goes on. Every other technical department did well with their job. Nothing sort of exclusive things here about any other departments, they did their job well we say again.


We present our rating graph as follows

As per our terminology movie is worth watching once, just once is fine. Nothing much except story and performances, we stuck sometime for 6 or 7 and we can give 6.5/10 for this comedy, family drama presented by Netflix for doing some odd mistakes.