Platform : Netflix

DIrector : Baltasar Kormákur , Börkur Sigþórsson , Thora Hilmarsdottir

Cast : Guðrún Ýr Eyfjörð , Íris Tanja Flygenring , Aliette Opheim , etc,.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Suspense , Sci-fi

Release date : Jun-17-2021

If you love slow burning, taunting, European series or movies then you should be enjoying this. On our web research we found that this is very first Netflix series produced by Icelandic team. As usually like any other European series this goes bit slower and we won’t really take it as too much of bad side.


Talking about genre, purely comes towards Sci-fi on a first point as, series set in the conditions happened after volcano Katla erupts and covers vik, a village in coastal Iceland in its shadows and continuous pour down of ash. Not just that it becomes a hot spot for naked people born out of it and coming towards Vik and disturbing the regular lives of village. Drama also makes it good genre for how this sudden surge of duplicates of Vik natives coming around and playing the emotional part of original people by both occupying the personal spaces and physical existence. Suspense is abundant and Thrill is rising.


Primalrily created by Baltasar Kormákur , and being directed and written by multiple people including Ólafur Egilsson, Sigurjón Kjartansson, Davíð Már Stefánsson , Lilja Sigurðardóttir , etc. This is very first Icelandic production in association with Netflix. Writing and screenplay went good in all the episodes and of course you might see some unnecessary lags , silly dialogues and useless silence. But overall you can give a good nod to achievement. But when considering the locations, authenticity, team took such good care on exploring the Iceland.

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Starting with a mysterious naked women ejecting herself out of the burning volcano ashes of Katla , a volcanic mountain existing near a remote coastal Icelandic village, Vik. Received by geological explorers of Vik we can find out she is person who used to work in hotel Vik of Vik village and everybody except Thor believes they never met her, But soon Thor reveals she was his girl friend 20 years ago and could not believe how come she look same as 20 years ago. Soon the real Gunhild who is living in Sweden by leaving Thor 20 years ago find the news by Gisli, a local police officer calling her and comes to Vik to see her younger self, finds everything along with memories and experiences are same for both of them. Not just that Asa Elder daughter of Thor who died an year ago also returns same way as Gunhild’s younger self and Grima her younger sister finds this odd and somehow feels happy about her sisters return. On the Other side 11 year old son(Mikeal) of geological engineer Darri also returns same way from ashes and Darri finds this unsettling and tries to give him to child care . But his almost divorcing wife Rakel don’t accepts this and tries to run away with child from Darri and finds herself in a chilling conversion with son and leaves him in cold Icelenadic outskirts of Vik. Lonely wandering Mikeal being found by couple who are returning to Reykjavik , Mikeal reveals the bad side of his father to couple who tries to hand him to Darri, changes their idea and opposes Darri’s conclusions about boy. While going back couple being dead by psychotic reasons of boy, Grima finds the Darri couple and tells whole story. Darri coming to know that he is the not only person with this whole Comeback issue discusses further with Grima and tries to visit and find the site where these returned people are coming from and astonishes to see the location. Meanwhile Grisli finding himself in the place where his old bedridden wife’s younger shelf returns and ,he keeps this secret as he may lose if everybody knows and feels happy about younger and charming wife’s return thanking god. On the other side Asa expressing the confusion by her sister as fake grief and emotion by Grima and starts to feel bad about her return after showing her last breadth location to Grima under shed. Grima finding DNA of Both Asa and dead Asa are same , Asa starts to think suicidal about this whole mess up and goes towards sea to kill herself. Meanwhile Bothe wives of Grisli having united ,Grisli finds this unsettling and tries to kill one of them and younger wife runs away towards Katla along with her elder self. Apart from all this happening Grima finds her younger shelf returned from ashes and goes pure nuts after seeing her younger self having sex with her husband, finds herself questioned by her younger self and totally out settling her emotions. Though Gunhild’s are having personal hate to each other both can’t digest the fact that Thor is still talking to each other and he enjoys the company of younger Gunhild and becomes the reason for real Gunhild’s hate on him. That’s the whole story of season and at the end we can see more people coming from ashes of Katla towards Vik and series season 1 ends there.

Overall story is sort of fresh and gives so many ideas to create more and more possibilities . We can’t see really why this happening except Darri finds the place where they are coming is full of alien materials .That’s the only point about their return. Meanwhile some confusions about how both dead and existing people’s duplicates comes from ashes is a big question too. But we think is some multi universe kind of thing may be or some glitch in the earth by volcanic eruption creating duplicates of people but that is pretty unconvincing to fix out for any reason.

Rights and wrongs

Good execution, excellent point of story, emotional wars between duos are great at their extent. The way they explored the characters and their interactions also went very well. Using locations for driving the story is too good to say. Coming towards bad parts, lag is generally observable in many of the European series but this one feels more lagging sometimes in few episodes. There are no much of explanations about pivot point rather they concentrated much on characters. No specific end towards why they are retuning and suddenly goes towards showing bunch of people returning at once at end, not a great thing. Some times, suddenly some characters behave like they don’t want to talk, feel like to increase the length of episodes, nonsense, that feels cheated. for example when Gunhild’s have time in their hands they never ask each other about how this happened, at least they never even try to talk something, from the start they starts to hate each other for no reason, feels silly. For American and Asian (not Korean) audience this series looks too lagging and gives ideas of stopping. but overall this is good one to spend your binging time.


series have actors ranging from fresh careers and long careers, and all played their character very well. Guðrún Ýr Eyfjörð to whom this is still 2nd character in her career, played her part well and good as Grima. Íris Tanja Flygenring, Þorsteinn Bachmann, Aliette Opheim, Björn Thors, Ingvar Sigurdsson, etc did great job. Cinematography is fair and reasonable and went well with story. VFX sometimes feels odd especially smoke effects, we understand FX simulations are harder to achieve. Music by Högni Egilsson is good and costumes by Karen Briem really worked through. Overall crew and Cast did an excellent job. Valter Skarsgård , younger borther of Skarsgard borthers (famous for legend of Tarzan, Vikings, IT,etc,) played a challenging role but can be done good.


Usual graph system for episodic productions seemed, silly so we are not giving the graph but going directly for conclusion here.

Series is worth watch , adjusting to lagging is bit difficult we know but watchable we say. and our Critickarma rating goes as 6.9/10 for this Sci-fi, drama series by Netflix.