Platform : HBO max, prime video

DIrector : John Lee Hancock

Cast :  Denzel WashingtonRami MalekJared Leto , etc,.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Suspense

Release date : Jan-29-2021

Star cast, professional crew, wonderful story never saves the movie if you are stuck in an age where you can’t overcome ideas of it’s success and you are not being part of it. And sometimes it is what makes your movie a duplicate or in simple term copy of your ecstasy. So thats where audience feels more cheated than saying it’s a bad movie.

The little things directed by John Lee Hancock. He named for playing with star cast and giving us some gems like The Blind Side , Saving Mr. Banks , The Founder , etc, failed to meet his own grades this time. Direction wise we can’t complain much because we know his work, but we think, part where playing with audience is worst than playing with story we say.


To uncover the mysteries of missing girls and dead hookers from late 90’s Los Angeles, sheriff department needs Joe Deacon to return once again for solving cases by finding the mystery killer. Quickly bonded with his old mates of sheriff department, Deacon have professional irks between his partner for solving crime, Baxter . In the pursuit of killer they both had to meet an odd ball Sparma and believes he is their rat and investigates with improper clues. Not just that, Sparma’s cunning behavior makes them irritated many times and leads them to search his house illegally and let them fall into Sparma’s trap of kid’s play and both Deacon and Baxter ultimately end up believing Sparma is the one they are after. Until this movie goes quite well, excellent actually, though you feel some David Fincher moments, but negligible. Once after Sparma finding the police duo eying on him, he convinces Baxter to willingly come with him to show the place where he hide the dead body of missing girl while Deacon left for a cup of coffee, the perfect moment audience starts to check their ass, whether its on the seat or hand rest. Mean while the dramatic and tense chase of Deacon following Sparma’s car slowly. Sparma and Baxter end up in a private farm and Sparma plays his funny part with Baxter before revealing he did not kill anybody ever and in a silly way end up dead in Baxter’s hands. Just arriving to location of Baxter, Deacon quickly reacts to situation and explains what to do with body of Sparma and suggests Baxter to burry him there. While audience will be given hint now, that Deacon is the one killed girl accidentally while searching for her and ends up changing the mortem report as stabbed instead of shot and whole sheriff department hides the fact. Meanwhile when Deacon reaches the Baxter on next morning to see whether he buries it, surprises to see that Baxter still digging in multiple places of the area to find missing bodies of girls, believing Sparma is the killer. Deacon immediately helps Baxter to uncover the empty holes and advises him not to think much about Sparma and tell him about what happens he won’t forget what happened. Movie Ends with Deacon at his cottage burning all the items of Sparma, he collected at Sparma’s place.

What’s Wrong?

Movie Goes perfectly good almost until the climax and whole climax goes in a way where it goes towards hiding the mistakes of Deacon and Baxter than uncovering the real crime killer. That’s one point and in another way, the way Sparma’s character designed is to fool the audience to believe he is the killer. So whole screenplay went in a wrong road, that it all looks so forceful once climax get’s revealed. Few points like placing Sparma near by murder radius is good but making his behavior too odd to look like a killer is too much of forced dimension for audience. And Deacon’s flash back and Baxter being the accidental killer of Sparma at karma’s end, becomes the main point giving audience hesitation about suddenly taking U turn on screenplay. Buff.. A failure movie.


Being filled with 3 Academy award winners and multiple good actors, movie steered bad for the said part . Cinematography for representing the 90’s LA is clean and Music by Thomas Newman is really goood for us. Costumes, little bits of VFX, minimal action by action team are really blended in a way beautifully.

Any way our usual graph and rating is there for our loving fans below.

Conclusion : Movie is just not okay if you already know about SEVEN and not definitely reaches more than 5.5/10 rating