Platform : Netflix

DIrector : Keishi Ohtomo

Cast :  Shin’nosuke AbeYû AoiMunetaka Aoki, etc,.

Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure

Release date : April-23-2021

Bored of pure dramas, horror films and thrillers?, then watching this will give goosebumps after watching the tremendous action sequences and excellent stunt choreography. This is one gem of movie is among the best of the anthology of manga and live action parts coming since 2 decades and more. We will give a perfect yes nod to watch this movie.

As the Genre suggestion Action, you will be baffles to see the action choreography and actors playing it perfectly bending their body in every possible angle. At first we thought this as some steampunk style movie but no way it comes in that section except 2 actors really have that style on them, so no it won’t come under that genre. Drama sequences are well bound and characters played it seamless and beautiful. All those Drama sequences are worth the story and screenplay time. All the 3 acts are well mannered we say.

According to the story this part of the movie is struggle between two cousins who bound by girl’s death. one suffers the death of his love in his own hands while other waits to take revenge because his sister got killed by her lover. Crafting the story in all aspects of film terminology are perfectly fell in places. After we found this movie , we would definitely going for watching other parts soon.

Whole story starts with Yukishiro coming to Tokyo where his rival Himura is staying. Allied with many rogue people Yukishiro starts to attack with allies on whole Tokyo, leaving places to dust and wages a war on Himura. Himura being assisted by Government of Tokyo, and his friends, starts to repel by taking one by one of Yukishiro’s allies and finds himself in dual. Being alone at last understood what he is into story ends by Yukishiro realizing what wrong he has done.

All the actors who are pivotal roles know their part of martial arts and really lifted the whole action part and made this film a gem of action sequences. Not just that , emotional sequences are well crafted by writes and all actors put their lives up to character they are inside. Director and writers are first people to always praise, their work is amazing in mixing up drama and action sequences in such order that Editing came excellent.

Going towards conclusion movie impressed us in many ways. Cinematography did an excellent job and music ,sound departments are too cool. Editing is very good and Stunts need not to be mentioned again and again. VFX are spectacular and you see them nowhere fake. and our rating is down below.

Annnndddd, our rating is 8.8/10 for this film, watch and enjoy.