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Jagame Thandhiram (2021) film review


Platform : Netflix

DIrector : Karthik Subbaraj

Cast :   DhanushJames CosmoAishwarya Lekshmi , etc,.

Genre: Action, Drama

Release date : June-18-2021

If you are pretty bored with our English genres or Korean dramas and Japanese martial arts, yo should watch an Indian movie at least once a month. that not only gives you the true moments of fun and entertaining but makes you forget every pain you are having how different they are. But this one Tamil movie particularly disappointed us to have the fun.

Jagame Thandhiram A Tamil movie this time in our review , starts as usual as any Bollywood heroic entrance but totally disappoints you by the time it moves forward. This movies is a story of a racist Tamil local goon turns right hand man of London’s racist old man Peter and becomes the reason for aggravating the anger of Srilankan Tamil refugees being stuck as he killed their savior Sivadoss. Funny part is whole drama goes towards showing heroism mostly than any real refugee struggle.

Movie story is really a valid one but occasional hate towards India,(2nd most populated nation in the world) not taking refugees from SriLanka . But all the juice of story dissolves inside the screenplay part as it leans more towards heroism than story. That made more entertained with sequences but movie lost the essence of refugee struggle except a scene where Srilankan fighting jets Bombs on a Srilankan Tamil refugee homes. Except that one scene you will notice no struggle about refugees. But they used this to simply add more essence to hero by showing lead actress herself as refugee. Totally Chicken butter masala movie, with unjustified refugee struggle.

While watching the movie you will be definitely moving awkwardly in you couch , yeah.. many scenes are too silly to watch. Movie is total disappointment as how it forwardss. All the actors played good part except lead actress Aishwarya Lakshmi is bit synthetic we say. About technical departments cinematography, Sound, Music, DI, VFX all fell in right place at right time. There is nothing much to say about this movie other than that. You can see our rating below.

And our rating is Just going to be 6.0/10 for this movie. Action impressed us though.

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