Platform : Netflix

DIrector : Mark Raso

Screenplay : Joseph Raso, Mark Raso

Cast :  Gina RodriguezAriana GreenblattLucius Hoyos , etc,.

Genre: SCi-fi, Drama, Adventure

Release date : June-09-2021

Movie is simple low budget sci-fi adventure family drama in compact but still a long confused genre to mention by. Though you won’t feel much “Sci-fi” except few dialogues come by every then and now. But those few dialogues we hear are the sole part of story happening here, so you can’t leave the element behind. . Adventure wise you will definitely notice the moments by family who wanted to escape the rogue gangs they face here and there. Drama is pretty much there too and you will feel it strongly anywhere. Action, as mentioned by IMDB is not much of it but few glimpses where it is necessary. So overall movie is family drama adventure with sci-fi reasons.

Coming to ward the story , it gives not much of anything new ,which we have not seen yet in movies, except the main source of plot. But wholly fails to create any different impact by that and will leave us in disappointment side. But that doesn’t mean we will be bored or uninspired by this journey. Some might enjoy the ending of it.

Actors really did a great job on front line. But that really did not help the fact of downfall of movie. They could have used an actor like Finn Jones in much more of his capability being good actor, who acted in famous series like Iron Fist , Game of Thrones , etc. Kid Ariana Greenblatt did a promising job, who played young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War . Gina Rodriguez played her part well and good, no less no more.

Movie starts with single mother Jill, working as wayward security guard tries to find some illegal ways to run her family and her days suddenly changes with everything that runs with electrical chips crashes of a sudden solar flare hitting earth. Jill comes to know about her daughter being able to sleep but not any human including herself and gets tensed with what gonna happen. Jill being informed by his friend about safety of her daughter, tries to run for cure and has to go through many hurdles be it rude gangs , rogue people, military, etc,. In the hope of finding her daughters destiny and safety of family, she meets bad ends and comes out of all problems one by one being helped by escaped convict who becomes good human by karma.

Concluding towards end the movie starts on a good pace and drives in an interesting way all towards except few bad bumps and good ending. But we feel nothing is new except sleep factor, remaining all is just as same and movie ends with pretty obvious scenes. But when some realization or problem solving moment comes its really goood 4 minute scene you will end up enjoying just before end credits role. May that give some good relief to few disappointed souls. Other than that movie is on very nominal and uninspiring scale all the time.

And last but not least our rating for this flick is 5.2/10